February 2014

Gig alert! Looking forward to joining the Underground Lovers to celebrate their 25-year anniversary weekend at the Toff In Town. Saturday 22 March I’ll be there with bells on, and might break out a coupla old Sea Stories tunes for old times sake! Hit up my Facebook page if you have any requests.

January 2014

Welcome New Year! Looking forward to new songs, new vistas, new recordings in the months ahead :)

Goodbye 2013

Long story, a long year behind me now. Missing my piano, missing my songs, might nearly be time to re-emerge. Meanwhile… have you heard this?

My recording of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” (from his 1987 album ‘So’)

October/November 2013

A couple of fun gig opportunities. Jumped on stage with The Killjoys at the Yarra Hotel Abbotsford for a fun Sunday arvo set and a nice trip down memory lane. Joined Jeremy Gronow (Hellvellyn) for a Saturday evening at the Lyrebird in Ripponlea, 3 sets of our fave songs from the 80′s & 90′s including The Go-Betweens, The Smiths, The Church, David Bowie, and New Order.

“Salty Sea” Video
Directed by Graham John Bell
Shot in Los Angeles, October 2012

“Salty Sea” Video
Directed by Graham John Bell
Shot in Los Angeles, October 2012

US TOUR DATES, October 2012

10/5:  Culture Collide Festival, Echo Park

10/11: Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco

10/13: Greek Theater Plaza, Los Angeles (pre- David Byrne & St Vincent)

10/15: Hotel Cafe, Hollywood

“My Apology” Video
Directed by Graham John Bell
Featuring Katy Foley

19 September 2012: Beat Magazine Q&A
What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?

WESLEY ANNE – Thursday 20 September
250 High Street, Northcote
I’ll be joined by The Killjoys duo along with Hamish Cowan (Cordrazine) solo for an engaging evening of melody and song!   Come early for a bite of dinner, a glass of wine, and to hang out with a fine array of music-loving friends. $10. Music 8pm-11pm.

PURE POP RECORDS – Sunday 16 September
221 Barkly Street, St Kilda
Free Sunday arvo show south of the river.  In the sunny back courtyard, yes it’s kid-friendly.
Wind down your weekend over a quiet ale and a few tunes 5pm-5.45pm


10 September 2012:  “My Apology” video premieres on FilterMagazine.com
Watch my new video here:

7 September 2012:  Cultures Collide in Los Angeles (Oct 4-7)
50 international bands (incl. of Montreal, The Wombats, Patrick Wolf, Zola Jesus) will perform Oct 4 - 7 in multiple venues across LA’s East Side at this year’s Culture Collide Festival – http://culturecollide.com/

4 September 2012:  FREE SHOW @ Pure Pop Records
Come along on Sunday 16 September, 5pm
It’s kid-friendly, a great ambience in the courtyard, and you can find my CD on the ”H” rack
See y’all there!

30 August 2012:  The Age, Melbourne Life

Thank you Michael Dwyer for the nice story in today’s paper

27 August 2012: BUY CD via mail order
Popboomerang Records: http://www.popboomerang.com/releases.php?id=94
or digitally on Bandcamp: http://pennyhewson.bandcamp.com/

26 August 2012: ALBUM LAUNCH this Friday 31 August
The Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy

25 August 2012: TheMusic.com.au – album review
“Lyrically, It’s An Endless Desire is a treasure. Hewson has no fear tackling subjects close to home, treating honesty and acceptance as part of the sad world of relationships in album opener This One’s For You. It’s really lovely to hear a well-travelled woman singing unadulterated love songs, harking back to the grace and naiveté of artists like Carole King and Carly Simon…” ~ Carley Hall

24 August 2012: Radio National Drive
Hear my interview with Julian Morrow tonight on Radio National Drive at 6.30pm, plus a live performance of “Salty Sea” (now archived at link below)

23 August 2012: 774 ABC
Tune in tonight to hear me chat with Lindy Burns (around 8pm) along with a live performance of “Most Of All”

22 August 2012: Howzat! Inpress
Thanks (again!) Jeff Jenkins for the piece that ran in this week’s Inpress Magazine.
Archived here:  http://www.livinginthelandofoz.com/howzat.html

17 August 2012: Album now on iTunes
Digitally available as of today!

10 August 2012: Rolling Stone – album review
It’s been a while since I saw my name in Rolling Stone.  A short review with some nice adjectives. 2 1/2 stars (it’s out of 3 right?)

7 August 2012: Stack Magazine (JB HiFi) – album review
Sweet!  3 1/2 stars

2 August 2012: Announcing Album Launch @ the Empress Hotel on Friday 31 August
Looking forward to playing the new album in it’s entirety, along with special guests.  Happy to have Dead Salesman Duo & Jeremy Gronow (Helvelln) playing on the night too!  $10 / doors open: 8pm

25 July 2012: 3PBS ‘The Breakfast Spread’
Thanks for playing “Settle For Less” on the radio this morning!

21 June 2012: Vulture Magazine
“Penny has come with a truly beautiful record. ‘This One’s For You’ is the lead single and is a track that could easily be dismissed as whimsical pop if you’re not careful. Listen closely though; there is a wonderful sense of vulnerability layered underneath Penny’s angelic vocals.”

20 June 2012: Time Off – single review
“After being a prominent feature of the musical landscape in the ’90s, Penny Hewson has returned to her home city after a decade abroad in the US. These two tracks show she’s keen to get back into making sweet tunes with a double shot of accomplished pop songs, which hark back to that era. This One’s For You is multilayered and complimented with deep strings, while My Lover’s Touch is a very French-sounding acoustic number.”

15 June 2012:  The Age EG, Sticky Carpet
Now I really feel like I’ve arrived (home)!

13 June 2012:  ABC 774am & Howzat
Jeff Jenkins played “This One’s For You” tonight on Lindy Burns’ Evenings on ABC Radio, right after Gurrumul & Sarah Blasko’s new duet and Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” (17 years since its release) AND he put together this lovely feature this week in Inpress Magazine. Muchos gracias

10 June 2012:  Sounds Of Oz
“Don’t mistake Penny’s sweetness for saccharine. While she sings like an angel there’s a real truth and vulnerability to her lyrics that ensure she’s not just another pop princess. It’s catchy, but it’s not throw-away music.”

7 June 2012:  3RRR ’The Australian Mood’
Thanks Jeff Jenkins & Neil Rogers for playing “This One’s For You” tonight on ‘The Australian Mood’ (3RRR) – in some nice company there amongst new tunes from Missy Higgins, Sophie Koh & Liz Stringer

4 June 2012:  LifeMusicMedia Q&A
Nice interview questions, got me chatty!

23 May 2012:  Drum Media – Single review
“It’s an even longer time between tunes for Penny Hewson. A decade in America gave her the distance from her Sea Stories past and new views and experiences to make songs from. But both sides of her first release since returning to Melbourne natural habitat, This One’s For You and My Lover’s Touch (Popboomerang) show she still has that ring and catch of feeling in her vocals. There’s also still a human tentativeness in her journeys up and down the fretboard, which only underlines the honesty of it.”
-  Ross Clelland

22 May 2012:  Rave Magazine – first single review
Thanks for the kind words Jody Macgregor

12 May 2012:  Single Launch @ Pure Pop Records on Sunday 27 May
To celebrate signing to Popboomerang Records I’ll be performing in the courtyard at Pure Pop on Sunday 27 May at 5pm. It’s a FREE, kid-friendly, semi-acoustic gig (with my buddy Dave Nelson on double bass). First show back in Melbourne!

2 May 2012: Popboomerang Records signs Melbourne musician Penny Hewson

Popboomerang Records are proud to announce they have signed Melbourne musician Penny Hewson for the release of her second solo album ‘It’s An Endless Desire’. The album is the follow up to her 1998 solo release ‘Me’.

Penny will be no stranger to discerning lovers of melodic, reflective, atmospheric pop music. She and musical collaborator Simon Honisett formed the seminal Australian outfit Sea Stories (who became one of the few bands to sign to prestigious USA label I.R.S. Records – home to R.E.M & Concrete Blonde) for a pair of critically acclaimed albums. Having recently returned from 10 years in Los Angeles (and a brief moment in the sun with her indie rock 3-piece My Zuko), Penny set about recording the album she’s always wanted to make as a solo artist. The winter album release will be preceded with a double A-side single ‘This One’s For You/My Lover’s Touch’ which will be released to media.


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